Tanks A Million (1941)

tanks a million 1941

Unfunny service comedy from Hal Roach that just gets worse as it goes along. Awful sight gags, a fuming Sergeant and anything else that looks like a stock character. This is William Tracys’ first appearance as Dorian “Dodo” Doubleday.

Dodo is an information clerk at a railway station. He has a photographic memory and studied the book of army regulations after being drafted. He gets off to a questionable start as his fellow recruits resent his knowledge and Drill Instructor Sgt.Ames (Joe Sawyer) can’t stand him. To make matters worse, officers are impressed with him. He sent to noncom school and quickly becomes a Sergeant and is given the job of getting the screwups in Company F in shape. They’re anything but cooperative.

They take him literally when he tells them to report in overcoats. That’s all they have on. Ames can’t wait to get Major Greer. When the men see the Major they shape up. Ames is upset and Dodo thinks it was because of him. Greer makes them march barefoot. Now their feet are all bandaged on the night of a dance. The girls are all making a fuss over Dodo.

The next day Dodo covers for more of the mens’ antics and they decide to be loyal to him. Ames is foiled again.  He thinks he has another chance when the new post commander arrives. He’s Colonel “Spitfire” Barclay (James Gleason). Ames convinces Captain Rossmead (Douglas Fowley) to appoint Dodo the Colonel’s orderly.

Dodo gets off to a bad start. The Colonel is afraid of microphones and has to address the camp. Dodo spills powder on the Colonel’s jacket. While Barclay is in the shower Dodo goes outside, brushes it off and tries it on. His girlfriend Jeanne has joined the Buddies Entertainment League to be close to him. She sees the jacket and thinks he’s really a Colonel.

He’s taken to the radio station and ad libs a speech. It’s a big success and Barclay couldn’t be happier. Ames ends up Barclay’s orderly.

There were eight movies in the series. The last was “Mr.Walkie Talkie” (1952).




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