Speak Easily (1932)

Buster Keaton-Thelma Todd

Buster Keaton-Thelma Todd

Keaton and Durante fans won’t be disappointed as Buster gets involved with a show featuring Jimmy. A real highlight of this movie is Thelma Todd. She’s just great as a goddigger that’s after Buster.

Professor Timoleon Zanders Post (Buster Keaton) has no life. He doesn’t go anywhere and he’s not even invited to go anywhere. His butler Jenkins tells him to go out and experience life. Post says he can’t afford to. Then Jenkins gives him a letter. Post has inherited 750-thousand dollars. That’s what it takes and he withdraws his savings and heads out.

At a train station he runs across a vaudeville troupe run by Reno (Edward Brophy). Post becomes friends with comedian Jimmy Dodd (Jimmy Durante) and becomes smitten with dancer Pansy Peets (Ruth Selwyn). She’s being watched over by her mother (Hedda Hopper).

Post gets stranded at the next train station and decides to see the show. He’s the only one applauding and the twenty-eight person audience walks out at the end without responding. He decides to take the show to Broadway It’ll be called “Speak Easily.” He doesn’t know it but back at the college Jenkins admits to the Dean that the inheritance letter was a phony he wrote to get Post to experience life. The Dean tells him he did the right thing.

Rehearsals start with director Rayburn (Sidney “Charlie Chan” Toler). He’s more than upset at the troupe’s lack of talent. He hires bombshell Eleanor Espere (Thelma Todd). Thinking Post is rich she tells him it’s a theater custom that the show backer gets a key to the stars’ apartment.  That night she gets him to come over. She puts on something more comfortable. Post gets tipsy and falls asleep. The next morning he wakes up next to Eleanor. Thanks to Jimmy’s quick thinking he gets Post out of that situation. That’s a good thing because Post and Pansy are getting a lot closer.

Now a lawyer shows up. The show is ten grand in debt. If it isn’t paid there’ll be no opening night. The money has to come from Post. Jimmy puts him in a cab and tells the driver to take him to New Jersey to avoid bill collectors. Now it’s showtime and Post returns.

Buster goes through his physical comedy routines. Nothing you haven’t seen before. Durante is also good. The movie is fun but should be seen for Thelma Todd. The scene in her apartment with Buster is a real highlight.


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