Counterspy (Failed TV Pilot 1958)

Don Megowan

Don Megowan

Don Megowan stars as American counterespionage agent David Harding.

A huge Russian battleship is able to negotiate Oslo harbor without a pilot. Harding thinks there’s some kind of super secret navigational gizmo at work and he has to know what it is. He sends agent Keller to England to hire a diver to check it out. The ship is on its way to England for a goodwill visit. Keller hires local diver Terrence Finn to take pictures.

On board ship Admiral Gihis is bragging to Dr.Jasny about his sneaky device. He has TV cameras on the hull that watch for enemy divers. By using sound he can paralyze anyone to the hull until his dive team gets there. Then they’ll take the haplass frogman to the bottom and make his death look like accidental oxygen poisoning.

Finn’s wife doesn’t want him to do it. He laughs off her worries and tells Keller he’s ready. The next day Harding arrives in London and he and Keller go to a party at the Soviet embassy to meet the Admiral. Harding gets a big surprise when the Admiral arranges for everyone to tour the ship. He tells Keller to race to Portsmouth to stop Finn. He can do the dive tomorrow.

Keller spots Finn about to dive but his ears are covered and he doesn’t hear Keller yell for him to stop. On board the ship a sailor whispers something to the Admiral. He has the doctor take everyone to another room to put on the feedbag. Outside the room Harding stays behind and spots the TV set up. He sees Finn is trapped. Now it’s up to him.

I was surprised that the last line of the show was so nasty. The opening shows a little girl running to the ocean off Brighton and seeing a dead frogman. The closing has narration saying it was eight days later when the body was discovered. Then he says “It’s only a Navy frogman.” What? I thought the show had some potential but after that line I’m glad it failed.

Megowan comes on plugging next week’s show. He didn’t have a clue there wouldn’t be a next week.

Don Megowan appeared in several episodes of “Gunsmoke” and “Death Valley Days” playing different characters. He starred in the 1962 series “The Beachcomber” as Captain Huckabee.


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