Letter Of Introduction (1938)

letter of introduction 1938

If you’re not an Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy fan keep going. If you are you’ll like this movie. It’s a combination of drama and comedy with a good supporting performance from Eve Arden. Adolphe Menjou is also very good. A budding actress has a letter of introduction to a top actor. He’ll be surprised.

It’s New Year’s Eve and a fire breaks out in a rooming house for aspiring actors and actresses. Kay Martin (Andrea Leeds) wants to go in and get a letter of introduction to Hollywood star John Mannering (Adolphe Menjou). Charging in to help her out is the resident of a home across the street. He’s Barry Paige (George Murphy). They get the letter and she moves into the rooming house where Barry lives.

At a New Year’s Eve party she meets residents Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Barry’s dance team partner Honey and actress Cora (Eve Arden). It’s easy to see that sparks are igniting between Barry and Kay. Honey and Barry have been a team for five years and she’s a bit put out but still helps Kay adjust to the house.

Kay goes to see Mannering and give him the letter. It’s from Kay’s late mother. He’s surprised to find out Kay is his daughter. They decide to keep it to themselves. That causes the break up of his engagement with Lydia Hoyt (Ann Sheridan). Since Barry doesn’t have a clue as to the real story he makes a fool of himself at Mannering’s apartment. He and Kay planned to get married but that’s over. Barry proposes to Honey and accepts out of town dates for their act.

Kay is known as Mannering’s protege. At a party with the upper crust of society Edgar Bergen does over ten minutes with Charlie and Mortimer Snerd. Mannering’s friend Lou Woodstock (Johnathan Hale) wants Mannering to star in his play along with Kay. Mannering says he’s been away from Broadway for ten years and hesitates but finally decides to do it.

He tells Kay that during the curtain calls he’ll announce who she really is. Now it’s opening night. The movie drops the comedy and goes into some melodrama.

This is a good movie but it does have a lot of Bergen-McCarthy throughout and after a while it gets to be too much.  Still it’s worth seeing if you’re looking for a good drama.



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