All Over Town (1937)

all over town 1937

The manic team of Olsen and Johnson and murder in the theater. The movie is loaded with their unique brand of mayhem.

Olsen and Johnson hit town to get away from creditors. They have a trained seal named Sally who blows horns and fires a gun. They try and get a job at the Eldridge Theater that’s owned by Joan Eldridge (Mary Howard). The place is said to be jinxed. Joan has to tell them there isn’t any show and the place is closed.

William Bailey has her convinced he’s a friend and wants her to sell the place. Back at the rooming house Olsen and Johnson get a letter and a check for a hundred fifty dollars. A filling station they owned has been sold. They’re overheard talking about how they’re worth a million. Now everyone thinks they’re oil millionaires and will back a show. Bailey has been trying to get the theater for investor Pete Philips and doesn’t want the show to open in case it’s a hit. Phillips is angry at Bailey and warns him not to go back on the deal..

Pianist Don Fletcher (Harry Stockwell) convinces everyone to put on a show for free.  The costumer (Franklin Pangborn) isn’t happy but the show must go on. During rehearsal Bailey is getting into it and really likes the show. Then he’s murdered by gunshot. Olsen and Johnson think Sally did it. They hide the gun in a bucket of fish and then think Sally swallowed it. They go to an amusement park with Inspector Murphy (Fred Kelsey). Sally is with them. They all get on a roller coaster hoping Sally will bring up the gun. The men get dizzy but Sally has a lot of fun.

Back at the theater it’s discovered Sally’s gun is the wrong caliber. Olsen and Johnson convince the owner of a mackerel company to sponsor a radio broadcast from the theater. They say they’ll name the murderer. They really don’t know who dun it.

There are a lot of Olsen and Johnson routines throughout the movie. They’re credited with being a huge influence in comedy and one of the most successful teams ever. They’re brand of lunacy isn’t for everyone but from a historical perspective comedy fans should see them.




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