Danger! Women At Work (1943)

danger! women at work 1943 2

Patsy Kelly is a lot of fun to watch in this goofy comedy about a woman who inherits a ten ton truck. Also making it a fun ride are Mary Brian and Isabel Jewell.

Terry Olsen (Patsy Kelly) and Marie (Isabel Jewell) work at a gas station and their friend and roommate Pert (Mary Brian) drives a cab. Terry gets a notice that her uncle left her a bungalow and a ten ton truck. Terry’s boyfriend Pete (Warren Hymer) and Pert’s boyfriend Danny convince them to go into the trucking business.

Pete and Danny’s boss hires them to drive a load of nitroglycerin from Las Vegas to L.A. The catch is they can’t drive to Vegas with an empty truck thanks to government regulations so they put an ad in the paper. Gambler Duke Edwards hires them to drive his gambling equipment to Vegas but they have to leave by five in the morning. Fine with them since the finance company says a payment is due on the truck and they’ll put a lien on it unless they get paid. They’re told not to go anywhere until the payment is made. Of course they leave right away.

They don’t know it but they’re being followed by the company reps and also looking for them is a rival of Duke’s who wants to steal the equipment. Along the way they pick up three women. One has amnesia, another is a fortune teller and the third is a young girl (Wanda McKay) running away from her rich family to marry an engineer at Boulder Dam. They don’t know that.

A cop pulls over the guys from the finance company and takes them to the sheriff’s office while another one stops the truck. He warns Terry that her dimmers don’t work and she can’t drive after dark.  She has to make it to a motel before nightfall. They’re being chased by another cop and just make it over the border to Nevada. There’s the motel. Terry gets involved in a dice game with three men. One of their wives confiscated the dice so she got a pair from the back of the truck. She cleans them out. One of them asks for the dice and Terry gives them to him. She doesn’t know it but he thinks they’re crooked.

When they leave the motel they discover one of their passengers is the runaway heiress. A number of people stop into the motel and end up chasing the truck. It’s a lot of silliness but the cast makes it well worth watching.

Mary Brian played Jane Archer, mother of Corliss in “Meet Corliss Archer” (1954-55).



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