Ladies Of The Chorus (1948)

ladies of the chorus 1948

Marilyn Monroe sings and dances her way through this simple story about a chorus girl who becomes a star and is about to marry into a rich family. Her fiancee is trying to get the guts to tell his mother.

Bubbles is the star of a bland burlesque show. She quits after an argument with some of the chorus girls. They don’t like her star attitude. The other girls don’t mind because she sets them up on dates with area businessmen. Joe the stage manager tells Mae Martin (Adele Jergens) to take the star spot. Mae gives the chance to her daughter Peggy (Marilyn Monroe). Her specialty number is a success and Peggy gets the starring role.

Three friends decide to take in the show. One is Randy Carroll, the son of a rich Cleveland family. One look at Peggy and he’s head over heels. To date Peggy he’s going to have to charm Mae. He decided to send Peggy flowers without signing a card. She goes to the florist to find out the identity of her secret admirer. Randy’s strategy works and he had a dinner date. Now it’s time to met Mom.

Everything is working out between Randy and Peggy and he proposes to her. An ecstatic Peggy tells Mae. Later that day Randy asks Mae’s permission to marry Peggy. She warns him of their class difference and tells him the story of Peggy’s father. He was from an upper class Boston family who were horrified that he married a burlesque queen and had the marriage annulled. At the time she was doing an act with her good friend Billy. She didn’t have a clue that he bought her a ring and was about to propose when she told him about the upcoming marriage.

Randy says times have changed and people are more tolerant these days. Mae says okay to the marriage but he has to tell his mother about Peggy. He can’t do it. His mother Adele (Nana Bryant) throws an engagement party. Peggy and Mae are real happy when Billy shows up. Part of the entertainment is the Bobby True Trio. They do a song that’s so bad I had to hit the mute button. After they were finally done the storyline continues. They recognize Peggy and ask her to sing a song. That quiets the room.

No surprises as the movie follows the standard storyline. It’s a good chance to see the early Marilyn before superstardom. Adele Jergens songs were dubbed by Virginia Rees.


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