The Man Called X (1956-57)

the man called x

Good series with Barry Sullivan as Ken Thurston, a U.S. intelligence agent posing as a photographer. He travels the world taking care of the bad guys.

Februray 17,1956 episode: “Assassination” w/Richard Loo and Sammee Tong – Thurston is sent to Singapore to stop the assassination of Chinese General Yen (Richard Loo). He’s going to sign an agreement that’s favorable to the U.S.

Thurston is told his contact will be The Stout One. Too bad he’s now The Dead One. A woman tells him he should see The Tall One. He finds him inside a dragon costume. He’s on stilts. He goes into a room to talk with him and ends up hit on the head. The Tall One is now with his ancestors.

Turns out the woman is the daughter of Yen’s trusted aide (Sammee Tong). Thurston is taken to the location of the signing. Yen shows him all the security precautions he has taken. The place is a fortress. He’s even wearing an armored vest. One thing Thurston doesn’t have…a dinner jacket. A tailor says he’ll have one for him in a matter of hours.

Outside Yen demonstrates that the vest can stop a bullet. Thurston says none of the obvious methods of assassination will work so he has to figure out how the attempt will be made. That night Thurston gets his jacket but thanks to the vest, Yen’s doesn’t fit. He won’t wear the vest. Night time. It’s time for the signing ceremony. Thurston figures it out.

Richard Loo appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows from 1932-81. He usually played Oriental villains. James Bond fans know him as Hai Fat from 1974’s “The Man With The Golden Gun.”

Sitcom fans know Sammee Tong as Peter Tong on “Bachelor Father” (1957-62).


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