The Terror Of Tiny Town (1938)

the terror of tiny town 1938

Cult favorite you watch once just to say you’ve seen it. It’s the first and the last all midget western.

It all starts with an announcer bringing out the hero and the villain. They argue who is the star of the movie. The villain says since he’s the terror of tiny town he’s the star. Now there’s a fast cut to the opening credits.

Bat Haines (Little Billy) is keeping an old feud alive between Pop Lawson and Tex Preston. They fought to a draw fifteen years ago but it looks like they’ll be at it again soon. Bat is rustling calves from both of them, putting the other’s brand on the stolen calves and then waiting to see what happens. Pop sends his son Buck (Billy Curtis) to see what’s going on.

The sheriff is on the lam from prison and Bat blackmails him into doing whatever he wants. Tex’s niece Nancy is on her way to town on the stage. Bat and his gang attack the stage and kill Pete the driver. Buck rides to the rescue and stops the runaway stage. Bat and his gang ride off in a hurry. Buck and Nancy dig each other and have to keep their get togethers a secret because of the family feud.

Tex catches up with them while they’re on a picnic. He tells Nancy to get on home. Buck asks him to at least have a talk. He tells him what’s going on with the calf rustling and Tex believes him. Bat shoots him from ambush. Buck goes to check on him while Bat rides to Tex’s ranch and tells Nancy and the ranch hands that Buck shot Tex in the back.

Bat tells Nancy running a ranch is no job for a woman and proposes marriage. She turns him down flat. In town Buck is arrested for killing Tex. Bat stirs up more trouble and gets a lynch mob together to hang Buck in the saloon.

The  ending isn’t bad but way before then the novelty has worn thin and it’s like a sketch that ran on way too long. There are some musical numbers as filler but they’re nothing special.


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