Not On Your Nellie (1974-75)

not on your nellie

One of the funniest sitcoms to come out of Britain or anyplace else.  Hylda Baker is a marvel to watch as Nellie Pickersgull, the landlady of the pub The Brown Cow in Chelsea. Her father is in ill health and needs her help. The show is loaded with politically incorrect jokes, double entendres, sight gags and more fractured English than Archie Bunker could ever imagine. The show only ran for three series and there were a number of cast changes including the part of the barmaid. In the second series the part was played by Wendy Richard who soap fans know as Pauline on “The EastEnders” (1985-2010). I’ve been told I may not be so high on the show if I had seen “Nearest And Dearest” (1968-73) which also starred Hylda Baker as Nellie Pledge. She also composed and sings the theme for “Not On Your Nellie.”

Opening episode: March 15,1974 – “Nellie Comes To Town” – Nellie gets off the bus in London and finally finds her way to The Brown Cow. Her entrance has her on a motor bike smashing through the front door. She looks around at the customers and the politically incorrect jokes begin. Beryl (Alexandra Dane) is good for some sight gags.

Customer Ronnie Peabody tells Beryl they can get married after he charms Nellie into selling him the pub. He says developers are interested in the area and he can make a mint. Nellie goes upstairs to see her father who is lying in bed with a girlie magazine. He says he’s waiting for Beryl to come in with his medicine. Nellie grabs it when she sees it’s a pitcher of beer. That’s good for a sight gag when she empties it out the window.

Peabody gets her to go to dinner with him and she wears what she thinks is a sexy dress. When they get back to the pub it’s time for some slapstick. The next day she announces to one and all her engagement to Peabody. Beryl has something to say about that.

The show closes with Hylda at the piano playing and singing the theme.



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