Tell It To The Judge (1945)

tell it to the judge 1945

An attempt at wackiness about a woman being considered for the Supreme Court and if her recent divorcee will have any effect on her ability to do the job. It’s the usual screwball antics of fast talking etc. topped off by Bob Cummings more than annoying laugh that he used later on his TV show.

Pete Webb (Robert Cummings) is in Palm Beach,Florida to see Marsha Meredith (Rosalind Russell) about getting back together. His excuse for being there is to interview Ginger, a showgirl who is a witness against a gangster, Pete’s client. She’s afraid the mob will get her. Pete’s previous time spent with Ginger was responsible for the divorce.

In the elevator a shill for the gambling club, Alexander Darvac (Gig Young), makes some moves on Marsha. She puts him off. Then when the elevator reaches the lobby she sees Pete. All of a sudden she and Alexander have dinner and drinks. To make Pete jealous she fake laughs like she’s having a great time. Pete keeps signaling her to tell her there;s something on her mouth but she ignores him.

The club gets raided and Pete sneaks Marsha out through an old tunnel and into a rowboat. They go to a nearby lighthouse and the boat drifts away. That gives Pete time to in her back and they get remarried. Her Grandfather, Judge MacKenzie Meredith (Harry Davenport) convinces them to hold off making any announcement until after her Senate hearing.

Pete runs into Ginger again and she says the man on trial is drunk at the bar after jumping bail. Pete mistakenly drinks a knockout potion meant for the drunk. That gives the judge the opportunity to take Pete’s clothes, put him in a cab to the train station and then into a compartment. He tells the porter that Pete, under a different name, is on his way to Philadelphia to get married.

Marsha goes ballistic when Pete doesn’t come back to their hotel room. Reporters find out about the marriage and she says it’s to a man named Roogle. They can’t interview him because he died on their wedding night. To avoid any more reporters she takes off for the Adirondacks to stay with her friend Kitty.

Pete follows Marsha and says Roogle is still alive and Alexander shows up and she says he’s Roogle. Once again Ginger shows up. Pete hides her in a closet only to be discovered by a curious dog and then Marsha. Pete thinks Alexander isn’t a skier and goes mano a mano with him and ends up buried in the snow.

While he recovers Kitty arranged for Alexander and Marsha to spend some honeymoon time in a nearby cottage. Pete follows them. The wackiness continues.

It’s not a bad movie but the misunderstandings etc, get to be way too predictable and it falls flat after a while. Of course if you have a taste for this kind of comedy you’ll enjoy a good cast going through their paces.


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