Long Shot (1939)

Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt as Martha Sharon

Very lame movie about  a sleazy race horse owner out to destroy another owner and marry his niece. Everything just falls into place and any credibility is tossed right out the window.

Lew Ralston wants to marry Martha Sharon (Marsha Hunt). She keeps turning him down and he decided to ruin her uncle Henry (Harry Davenport).  Henry’s horses keep losing. He doesn’t know Ralston is paying off trainers and others to make sure Henry’s horses lose. They even arrange an accident for jockey Danny Welch (George E.Stone). Then Ralston’s rival for Martha, Jeff Clayton (Gordon Jones) is hit by a car. A rib is pressing against his heart. He’s out of the racing business. Jeff goes to stay with Danny at his old ranch in Arizona.

Henry takes his potential winner “Certified Check” to the desert and lets him go. He sees his lawyer and makes out his will. He leaves “Certified Check” to Martha and Jeff and fakes his death.

A rancher rounds the horse up when he gets some wild horses. He doesn’t know the horses’ background. Jeff buys the horse cheap after Danny pulls a scam. Trainer Tucky (Jimmy Robinson) is part of the team. He’s always referring to Clayton as “Master Jeff.” Because of Jeff’s medical condition he’s been banned from the track. Now he and his friends race the horse in county fairs. The horse keeps losing. Ralston sees the horse working out and thinks the loses are on purpose to make it a long shot.

One night the “ghost” of Henry tells Tucky how to make the horse win. Jeff, Tucky, Danny and Martha all head to Santa Anita to race “Certified Check” in a big race.The truck breaks down and Martha convinces a passing furniture truck driver to take them all to Santa Anita.  No open stalls at the track so the driver agrees to stick around for three weeks near the track and store the horse. The delivery of the furniture can wait. Ralston sends a henchman there to make the horse lame.

The movie continues to get dumber as everything keeps working out. The only interesting thing is Henry Davenport in a subdued role as opposed to his usual manic, loud mouth old man.

In 1940 Gordon Jones played Britt Reid aka The Green Hornet.



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