What Becomes Of The Children? (1936)

what becomes of the children 1939

With parents like this no wonder the kids grew up to be murder suspects. It has its moments but not enough to give it cult status.

Brother and sister Fred and Marion Worthington just want attention from their parents like other kids. Father John (Robert Frazer) is too busy trying to turn his railroad into the greatest thing that ever saw tracks. He’s busy making money and wife Edith (Natalie Moorhead) is busy spending it.

One day after jealously watching their Dad’s best friend and lawyer, Tom Scott, having fun with his kids they spot a stray dog and take him home. John says they can keep it but it has to stay in the basement. Earlier that day he was steamed at all the bills Edith ran up and he cancels her charge accounts. She gets embarrassed at her club when she’s told one of her checks bounced. They fight as the kids watch from the stairs.

That night Marion plays hide and seek with the dog and Fred. She goes looking for her brother and falls down the dumb waiter. John and Edith run home from their various activities and blame each other for the incident. They end up getting divorced. Fred goes with John and Edith gets Marion. The dog goes with Fred.

Time passes and now the kids are college age. Fred gets into a nightclub brawl over a Blues singer and gets thrown out of college, his second one. John has made a mint from the railroad. That doesn’t impress Fred as he tells him he wanted a friend growing up not just someone who came through with food and clothing. The Blues singer is his girlfriend Gale Adams. She gets him a job singing and playing piano where she works.

Meanwhile…in another part of town:

Edith is off on another trip and Marion reads her the riot act about what a bad mother she’s been and still is. Marion does the town with Roy Daniels. At a late night bash he gives her a bracelet and they get married. It’s been ten minutes or so and the cops arrest Roy for jewel theft. The bracelet is just one of the stolen items. Roy gets sent up for a year.

Marion is living in a cheap rooming house. Her landlady says she has to get the rent by morning or out she goes. She’s thinking about suicide until her neighbor Elsie takes her out to a club. Wouldn’t you know it’s where Fred works. They don’t recognize each other. Elsie spots Roy and his friend Shelby going to the bar. She’s not happy with him ever since he rejected her. She’s really not happy when he points out Marion as his wife.

Marion wants him to go away. He won’t. Fred spots what’s going on and decks Roy. That’s all it takes for them to finally realize who they are. They go back to Marion’s place. In walks Roy. He and Fred duke it out. A gunshot. On the floor a pistol. Also on the floor is Roy. He won’t be getting up. Fred and Marion are suspected of murder. Wha  will become of the children?

This gets even lamer as it speeds toward the ridiculous ending.


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