The Champions (1968-69)

the champions

Lame SF series that’s easy to see why it only lasted one season. Nemesis is an intelligence agency based in Geneva. The boss is Tremayne (Anthony Nicholls). He disappeared after twenty episodes. The agents are Craig Stirling (Stuart Damon), Sharon MacReady (Alexandra Bastedo) and Richard Barrett (William Gaunt). Yes, they have special powers.

Opening episode: September 25,1968 –  “The Beginning” – The agents are sent into Tibet to steal some insects from a Chinese bacteriological lab. It’s a close call but they manage to jump in their car and reach their special plane. The scene of the three riding in the car is a joke. Very poorly done.

They manage to take off as the Chinese fire a few million bullets at them. One or two get lucky and destroy the radio and damage the plane. They crash land high in the Himalayas. While passed out in the snow an old man approaches and takes them…somewhere. Days later they wake up in the plane. Their wounds have been healed and they have gold scars.

Craig and Sharon head out and Richard says he wants to find the lost city where they were taken. They don’t know they’ve been spotted by the Chinese. Craig and Sharon are captured and Richard has a vision that they’re in trouble. While climbing he falls. The old man is watching.

When he comes to the old man tells him the three now have special powers. They’re not immortal but their senses are enhanced. They have to learn how to use their gifts.  Richard promises to keep their existence a secret. The old man walks off and fades away.

Craig tries a trick. He gets a bullet instead and the Chinese march off with Sharon. Richard spots Craig’s body. When he comes to the would is almost healed. Richard explains what the old man told him. They’ll get a  chance to try out their new powers as they go to rescue Sharon.

Soap fans know Stuart Damon as Alan Quatermaine on “General Hospital” (1977-2013).

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