The Lost Atlantis (The Mistress Of Atlantis) (1932)

Brigitte Helm as Antinea

Brigitte Helm as Antinea

Weird German movie that isn’t like any other film with Atlantis in the title. No scientists, nukes, monsters or even a fish. It’s disjointed and moves slowly but if you like strange check it out.

Captain Saint-Avit of the French Foreign Legion is listening to a broadcast where a man is saying that Atlantis is not under the sea but under the sands of the Sahara Desert. He tells a fellow soldier that it’s true. That’s where he killed his best friend Captain Morhange. He tells his story. Back then he was a Lieutenant.

A French Foreign Legion patrol is checking out the attitudes of some desert tribes. They end up in a gun battle. Saint-Avit and Morhange are captured and taken below to Atlantis. Saint-Avit wakes up and sees a cheetah wandering around. Then in walks eccentric European Count Velovsky. Also around is drug addict Ivor Torsensen. He wants to see Morhange but neither one will take him to him.

Velvovsky tells him he’s been there twenty years but he’s not sure exactly where they are. He mentions Antinea (Brigitte Helm), the Goddess who rules the city. She sends word she wants to see Saint-Avit. That makes Tortensen jealous and he tries to kill Saint-Avit.

He makes his way to Antinea’s chamber. There she is striking a pose and he ends up losing a chess game to her. So much for winning his freedom. He gets obsessed with her but she digs Morhange. He could care less. He just wants out.

Velvovsky fills Saint-Avit on Antinea’s less than royal background. He doesn’t care. She orders him to kill Morhange. He goes looking for him.

I don’t want to spoil the rest of this but it has its strange moments. The narrative is really choppy but it’s the visuals that make it worth checking out. One note…throughout his entire ordeal Saint-Avit never takes off his tie.


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