Ask A Policeman (1939)

ask a policeman 1939 2

Another comedy gem with Will Hay, Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott. This time they’re the police force in a coastal village that hasn’t had a crime for over ten years.

Because of the crime free record of Turnbotham Round the BBC does a broadcast from there featuring Sgt.Dudfoot (Will Hay). The two other cops, Albert Brown (Graham Moffatt) and J.Hardbottle (Moore Marriott) come back after a poaching run. The broadcast fades out and the crew go home.

Dudfoot gets a the word that since there’s no crime there’s no need for a police station there. He decides they have to catch a criminal and decide to set up a speed trap. They let the first driver go because he doesn’t have a license they can endorse. They nab the second car. Albert hits the driver over the head and they toss him in jail while he’s knocked out.

They go through his pockets and find out that he’s the Chief Constable. Before he comes to they ram his car into a nearby shop to try and convince him that the knock on his head came from an accident. He doesn’t buy it but the village Squire shows up and backs up Dudfoot.

They feel they have to get a bigger crime. It’s decided to plant a keg of brandy on the beach and say it’s from a gang of smugglers. A man comes in with a lantern. He says his brother is the lighthouse keeper and can’t be with his Granny who is at death’s door. He asks to hang the light on top of the station so the man can see that as long as it’s lit, Granny is still alive.

A man drops off a keg of rum. They think it’s the fake witness to the planted keg. Now Albert and Hardbottle come in with a keg. While they try and figure it out someone reaches out from a trap door in the floor and grabs the keg that was dropped off.

A storm starts and outside they head a woman scream. It’s Albert’s girlfriend Emily. She saw the headless horseman, a local legend. The cops investigate. They see a hearse carriage with flames coming out of the back. The driver is headless and goes into a garage. They get enough courage to investigate, see a headless shadow on the wall and run away.

As things move along they get a warning to mind their own business about smuggling. Now the silliness gets into high gear. If you need a movie to put you in a good mood, don’t miss this one.


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