Maisie (1939)

maisie 1939

First in the successful Maisie series with Ann Sothern as a Brooklyn show girl. In this debut she’s stranded in a small Wyoming town and talks herself into a job on a ranch managed by Robert Young. It’s a bit better than okay but saved by Southern who is a lot of fun to watch.

Maisie Ravier gets stranded in Big Horn, Wyoming. The show she was supposed to join folded before she got there due to the business being done by a rodeo and carnival. She talks herself into a job at the rifle concession run by Rico (George Tobias). She’s doing her pitch and talks Slim Martin (Robert Young) into taking shots.

He’s not interested in her and doesn’t notice his wallet drops behind the counter. Rico comes back, sees the wallet, grabs it and takes off. Slim has Maisie arrested for stealing it. That gets straightened out and she sneaks into a truck and ends up at the Bar D Ranch managed by Slim. He can’t wait to get rid of her.

Ranch owner Clifford Ames (Ian Hunter) is coming out with his wife Sybil (Ruth Hussey). Slim has ranch hand Shorty (Cliff “Ukelele Ike” Edwards) drive Maisie to the train station where he’s to meet the couple. Maisie talks herself into a job as Sybil’s maid. While unpacking for her Maisie pulls out a picture on Sybil with a man who isn’t her husband. She puts it on the dresser.

Slim was afraid he was going to be fired since the ranch isn’t doing well. Not the case. Clifford wants to patch up his marriage. Slim takes Sybil on a long ride to the original ranch house. That gives her an idea. She sends for her lover, Richard Raymond. Meanwhile Maisie becomes friendly with Clifford. They take a ride and the station wagon hits a rock and turns over trapping Clifford inside.

Maisie walks five miles to the old ranch house where Slim and the boys are supposed to be. Instead she finds Sybil and Raymond. He wants to help Clifford but Sybil won’t let him. He leaves before Slim shows up. Maisie tells him about Clifford and Clifford is taken back to the ranch.

That night it’s obvious love is in the air between Maisie and Slim. They’re going to get married. Then Maisie tells Sybil she’ll keep quiet as long as she feels like it. Sybil lies to Slim and says Maisie is attracted to Clifford. Slim buys it. Maisie leaves town. Now things take a real serious turn and the movie has the obvious ending even if it is cornball.

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2 Responses to Maisie (1939)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    Did this series eventually spin off a radio show? The character seems frightfully familiar and I don’t think it’s from the movies.

  2. vintage45 says:

    There was a radio show called The Adventures Of Maisie,1945-47 and again from 1949-53,all with Ann Sothern. The ten movie series ran from 1939-47.

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