Dial 999 (1958-59)

dial 999

Robert Beatty stars as Detective Inspector Mike Maguire, a Canadian assigned to Scotland Yard. The show isn’t anything special and it’s no surprise it only lasted one season.

From 1959: “50,000 Hands” w/William “Dr.Who” Hartnell – Jeff Richards (William Hartnell) and Jack Bingham rob a safe in a plastics factory. Jeff knocks out the watchman but ends up getting shot. Jack, who is never without his gloves, calls 999 for an ambulance. When it arrives he helps one of the attendants carry Jeff out. When the attendant goes back inside to help his partner with the watchman Jack takes off in the ambulance.

He drives off the beaten path and leaves Jeff. He returns with a car. He doesn’t know a hobo has been watching. The cops get a tip on which way the ambulance went. By the time they get there the hobo is inside trying to steal blankets for a good night’s sleep. He tells the cops what he overheard Jack and Jeff saying.  Jack drives back to his house in the nearby small town. His wife Marge isn’t happy to have a wounded Jeff on the premises.

Jack goes to a hospital and steals a hypodermic and some morphine. A nurse sees the broken glass from the drug cabinet and starts dialing the police. Jack strangles her. Now it’s murder

Maguire has an idea. Fingerprint everyone in town. That’s 25-thousand people. He’s looking for a match from the factory, the ambulance and the drug cabinet. Madge panics when she hears about it and then really gets uptight when she spots a cop headed for her place with his fingerprint case. That gives Jack an idea. Too bad for him he forgot about a couple things.

The episode is so far fetched that it defies any kind of belief and credibility.

William Hartnell was the first to play Dr.Who. He lasted from 1963-73.



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