The Big Show-Off (1945)

the big show off 1945

Bland attempt at wacky comedy as a man poses as a professional wrestler to impress the girl he’s stuck on.

Sandy Elliot (Arthur “Dagwood” Lake) is a pianist in the Blue Heaven night club. The singer is June Mayfield (Dale Evans). He’s got a crush on her but is too shy to say anything. She’s close to Wally (George Meeker) the MC at the club. Sandy thinks it’s a lost cause. Club manager Joe Bagley (Lionel Stander) decides to step in.

He tells June he’s not happy with her performance and she needs to rehearse with Sandy the next day. Sandy is supposed to use the opportunity to tell her how he really feels. He’s in a building with a lot of music and vocal teachers. There’s so much noise that Sandy puts cotton in his ears and Junes’. Now he tells all. She can’t hear him.

June is a pro wrestling fan. She makes Wally take her to the matches. Joe takes Sandy there and they sit where they can observe June. In the ring is The Devil taking on Boris The Bulgar. To impress her Joe makes her think Stanley is The Devil.

Later in her dressing room. June tells her roommate Mitzi what Sandy told her thinking she couldn’t hear him. Then she says she’s upset about him being The Devil and his tactics in the ring.

One night The Devil breaks his leg in the ring. Now Sandy has to wear a cast to keep the scam going. June spots an article in the paper that the Devil is now okay and is about to tour Australia. Sandy gets rid of the cast fast. That night The Devil returns to the ring to take on Ivan The Terrible. June and Wally are in attendance. Sandy and Joe are in another section of the arena.

June keeps yelling towards the ring shouting Sandy’s name. Wally spots Sandy in the audience. The ring announcer says The Devil’s fiancee is coming into the ring and a blonde goes into the ring. Confusion reins.

It’s all pretty dumb. Dale sings a few songs with the Anson Weeks Orchestra but it’s not enough to waste time with this one.

Lionel Stander appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows. His best known TV role was as Max in “Hart To Hart” (1979-84).

Dale Evans-Arthur Lake

Dale Evans-Arthur Lake

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