One Million B.C. (1940)

one million b.c. 1940

A perfect cure for insomnia. What happens? Nothing. It was nominated for the Best Special Effects Oscar. The winner was “The Thief Of Bagdad.” It was also nominated for Best Original Score. The winner was “Pinocchio.” The movie was remade in 1966 with Racquel Welch as Loana.

A group of rock climbers wander into a cave during a storm. Among them are Victor Mature and Carole Landis. They’ll be back as cave people. Hanging around inside is a scientist who tells them the story, at least what he thinks is the story, of the cave paintings.

Tumak (Victor Mature) is a member of the hunter Rock tribe. He wants to make his first kill even if Akhoba (Lon Chaney,Jr.) tries to hold him back. He makes his bones and a tribe member falls off a cliff because…he just does.

Tumak takes off and runs into the Shell tribe and meets the B.C. version of Miss Manners in Loana (Carole Landis). For almost a half hour he tries to get used to the tribe and they try to get used to him. Getting used to Loana isn’t all that tough since she looks like she stepped out of Cavebabes magazine.

Tumak’s had it with all this peace stuff and steals a spear from a tribe member. That gets him tossed out. Loana follows him.

Now the excitement starts!!!

No it doesn’t.

They run through the mist and watch some dinosaur fights. It gives Victor a chance to grab Carole by the thigh and move her out of the way of the rubber dinos and some small animals that had a tough time in makeup.. After another lengthy waste of time they run into the Rock tribe. Loana goes into Pollyanna and Florence Nightingale mode.

Having had enough of this a nearby volcano decides to shake things up. Not enough. The big screen version of Ambien goes for the big finish with another rubber dino. It’s too little way too late.

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