Star Spangled Rhythm (1942)

star spangled rhythm 1942

Paramount pulls out all the stops and stars for this morale booster. It’s a lot of fun and a good representation of the era. The center of the movie is the manic energy of Betty Hutton and efforts to put on a big show for a shipload of sailors. Look for a very impressive and funny bit with Betty Hutton and Walter Darewahl and Company in a wall climbing piece.

Johnny Webster (Eddie Bracken) and four of his shipmates are on shore leave. He says his father runs Paramount Studios. He calls him to arrange a visit by everyone. He doesn’t know his father Bronco Billy Webster (Victor Moore) is just a gate guard. He used to be a big star in westerns before gaining too much weight to ride a horse.

Switchboard operator Polly (Betty Hutton) has been writing Johnny but never met him. She’s nuts about about him and keeps his picture with her. She helps Pop pull off the scam by calling the secretary to the real executive producer, B.G.DeSoto (Walter Abel). She says B.G. is sick and she has to work at his house. That clears the office for Pop. Polly even puts Johnny’s picture over B.G.’s picture of his son that’s in a frame on his desk.

Pop can’t run all the gadgets but manages to give everybody drinks and cigars. The sailors are impressed when Cass Daley comes in for an audition. Pop also makes a mess of the office. Then he has a phone run in with Cecil B.DeMille who storms over. They also manage to offend Preston Sturgis when they show up in a screening room. He runs a Dick Powell-Mary Martin number but Pop walked out. Sturgis thinks it was DeSoto. B.G. will have run ins with both directors.

Their next stop is a soundstage where Donna Drake is doing a dance number. One of the sailors jumps in and dances with her. They’re thrown out. Pop takes the day off and shows the group around town. He also promises to put on a big show for them featuring the Paramount stars.

Meanwhile B.G. can’t get into his own office. Polly sent word that he has a twin brother who’s been trying to get in to see him but B.G. doesn’t want any part if him. The guards believe it.

Johnny and his pals go back to the ship. The Captain says shore leaves have been cancelled. He asked to marry Polly that night and explains about the big show. The Captain everyone can go the canteen auditorium. Johnny still doesn’t know about Pops’ real situation. Pop finally tries to explain but is always interrupted.

Polly is trying to round up as many stars as she can. She starts with Bob Hope and then Bing Crosby.  After that the stars keep coming out. There are a lot of comedy sketches and songs in the big finale. Check the poster for all the stars.


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