Hitler-Dead Or Alive (1942)

hitler-dead or alive 1942

One for the so bad it’s good file. A man offers a million dollars to whoever can kill Hitler. Three gangsters take him up on it.

A new plane takes off flown by Johnny Stevens. Two reporters are checking it out and go to see businessman Samuel Thornton (Russell Hicks). They get the story about the million dollars worth of planes and the reward. Time for a flashback.

Thornton’s professor brother was killed in Germany before the war. Thornton is out for revenge and offers a million dollar bounty on Hitler. Fresh from Alcatraz gangsters Steve Maschick (Ward Bond), Hans “Dutch” Havermann (Warren Hymer) and Joe “The Book” Conway (Paul Fix) take him up on it.

The three enlist in the Canadian Air Force and end up in England. They’re on a paratrooper training plane flown by Johnny Stevens. They force him to detour to Germany and jump out with them. They hijack a beer truck and are pulled over by a couple motorcycle SS officers.

They’re escorted to a prison and tell Colonel Hecht they have a message for Hitler. He’s not sure about them and puts them in a cell. He tells his girlfriend Elsa (Dorothy Tree) he wants to find out the message so he can deliver it and gain favor. He doesn’t know she’s actually a spy known as “Rosebud” who smuggles prisoners back to England.

Elsa arranges an escape for the four. Dutch is killed as they speed off to a country hideout provided by an underground member named Meyer. Steve tells his plans to Elsa. She says the war would go on without him but goes along with it. Meyer tells them the story of Hitler;s moustache.

Hitler is coming to a castle for a party. The entertainment will be provided by Elsa and her musicians. The movie is pretty silly but then takes a real serious turn to get its point across.




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