The Crystal Ball (1943)

the crystal ball 1943

Silly in spots but Paulette Goodard’s charm makes this well worth watching. Ray Milland is also fun to watch. There’s also a funny spot with Iris Adrian as a jealous woman.

Jo Ainsly (Virginia Field) is a rich and beautiful widow whose husband was killed in a hunting accident. While she’s in the shower her maid hides an emerald ring in the sink drain. The maid actually works for fortune teller Madame Zenobia (Gladys George).

The maid convinces her to see Zenobia, a fortune teller she says she heard about. Of course she tells Jo where to find the ring and she thinks the woman is wonderful.

Back at Zenobia’s she gets a visit from Toni Gerard (Paulette Goddard). She’s in New York from Texas and is broke. Zenobia gets her a job at a nearby shooting gallery run by her friend Pop Tibbets (Cecil Kellaway).

On day one she falls for customer Bradford Cavanaugh (Ray Milland). He’s a lawyer and a friend of Jo’s. Toni is jealous. Thanks to a fall Zenobia had Toni pose as the fortune teller. She interviews a few people before a fund raiser so when she poses as a fortune teller at the party under a mask the people will think she’s the real deal. That includes Cavanaugh whose chauffeur Biff Carter (William Bendix) told her a secret about him.

She advises him to buy some land for Jo. It’s from a script written by Zenobia. The government is thinking about buying it for a defense plant. Zenobia thinks she can make big bucks by selling it to her.

Toni goes on an afternoon date with Cavanaugh. Since she works for Zenobia she can’t see him at night. He insists on driving her home. She has him drop her off at an apartment house and he goes in with her and up the elevator. She walks into an unlocked apartment. Cavanaugh leaves. Inside a couple is arguing.

Angela Martin (Idris Adrian) is reading her husband the riot act because he had a party while she was out of town. They spot Toni hiding and Angela thinks she’s a leftover from the party. She tosses her out and rips her dress as an elderly and amused neighbor looks on.

Things get complicated as Toni tries to keep Cavanaugh from finding out she was the fortune teller at the party. Then he gets in trouble with the government and Jo.

Overall the movie is a good time and has a good cast.


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