Dangerous Lady (1941)

dangerous lady 1941

Flat attempt to bring a Nick and Nora Charles feel to a comedy mystery. No booze or Asta and not even a decent script. June Storey is fun to watch but can’t save this pale imitation.

Duke Martindel (Neil Hamilton) is a private detective after leaving the police force. His wife is corporate lawyer Phyllis (June Storey). She says they have enough money that neither one has to deal with criminal cases. That’s what she thinks. Duke was approached by crook Joe Link about the plight of Leila Bostwick. She’s in jail for murdering a judge. Link says he has a witness that can prove her innocent.

At the county jail Leila changes a coat and hat with a reporter that wanted to interview her and breaks out. Link shows up at Duke and Phyllis’s apartment….with a bullet in him. Duke’s nemesis on the police force, Sgt.Brent (Douglas Fowley) shows up after following a blood trail left by Link.

Brent suspects Duke of shooting Link and takes Duke and Phyllis to headquarters. In a cell the witness Link mentioned is found hanging in his cell. Dr.Grayson, the prison doctor pronounces him dead. While that’s going on it gives Phyllis a chance to sneak into the police Captain’s files. She copies down the name Hester Engel and then goes to the Hotel Cortez to see the owner, Guy Kisling. Leila used to be his business partner and ended up suing him. The judge she’s accused of killing ruled in her favor.

Back at headquarters Duke reads an affidavit from Leila to the Captain. It says she went to the judge’s home. His secretary is Hester. She refused to let her see the judge and Leila started to run up the stairs. She tripped and fell and knocked herself out. Hester’s account says she went for a doctor.

Phyllis goes to Hester’s apartment and a man’s voice refuses to let her in. Outside Phyllis hides in a cab and sees Duke sneaking around outside. Now a woman comes out. Duke steals a cab and follows her and yells to her and asks if he needs a cab. She gets in. Phyllis follows in her cab. The cops chase them and the woman from Duke’s cab runs off.

There’s more wackiness to come before it’s all over. It includes a speeded up fight scene towards the end that looks ridiculous. Despite the appeal of Hamilton and Storey the movie wears out its welcome about a third of the way through.


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