The Liver Birds (1969-79)-Revived in 1996

the liver birds

Dull sitcom about two girls who share a flat in Liverpool and deal with life as twenty somethings.  The show started with Pauline Collins as Dawn and Polly James as Beryl, The next series featured Nerys Hughes as Sandra Hutchinson. By series five Polly was gone and Elizabeth Estensen as Carol came on the scene.

November 7,1976 episode: “Love ‘Em And Almost Leave ‘Em” –  Episode opens with Sandra’s mother giving advice to Sandra about her relationship with her now ex boyfriend Paul. She finally runs out of steam and Carol comes back into the room as Mum leaves.

Carol calls her cousin Aveline and invites her over. Before she gets her she makes two wrong calls where a man answers. Carol and Sandra go to the train station to meet Aveline. They’re both surprised to see that she’s pregnant.

Back at the flat Aveline says she doesn’t need a husband. Her aunt is upset and reflects on the old days when marriage was in fashion. Aveline insists on being independent.

The girls to go out and spend the day in the park. Sandra and Carol have fun while Aveline has to sit on a bench. That night Aveline is having pains and it’s time to call an ambulance.

At the hospital Sandra and Carol look into Aveline’s room. There’s the father of the baby. That changes their attitudes about life without men.

Surprised the show lasted so long. There’s nothing especially creative. Maybe it was the cast changes over the years that kept it fresh to regular viewers. This is nothing you haven’t seen before and not a big deal if you continue to miss it.

Elizabeth Estensen has appeared in numerous TV shows but her most poplar role is as Diane in the soap opera “Emmerdale.”

Elizabeth Estensen as Carol

Elizabeth Estensen as Carol


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