Molly And Me (1945)

molly and me 1945

Singer-actress Gracie Fields is a lot of fun to watch and listen to in this story about a group of actors who work as a household staff for a snobbish man played by Monty Wolley. If you were a fan of “Gilligan’s Island” you’ll get a real charge out of seeing Natalie “Mrs.Howell” Schafer as a former fan dancer who married a wealthy man.

Molly Barry (Gracie Fields) is hoping for a job as a housekeeper. She doesn’t want her prospective employer to know she lives in a theatrical rooming house. She realizes she doesn’t have any references. Then in walks Kitty Goode (Natalie Schafer). She knows everyone and she doesn’t want her new hubby to know her background. Molly tells her to give her references.

Instead of the man she’s expecting it turns out to be Peabody the Butler (Reginald Gardiner). She recognizes him as Harry Phillips. He was an actor until booze brought him down. He doesn’t want to hire her. Kitty comes in to do her bit and they recognize each other.

Molly invites him to a party. Pretty soon he’s soaking up the beer. He gets drunk and Molly takes him to the home of John Graham (Monty Wolley) where he works. She goes into the empty housekeeper’s room. The next day Molly starts doing the job. The staff resents her. It’s not long before she finds out the scams they’re all pulling and she fires them.

A friend of Grahams’ convince him to get back into the political game and stand for Parliament. Fifteen years ago he had a messy divorce when his wife was caught playing around. She went to South Africa. He’s kept the newspaper front page about it. His friend tosses it into the fireplace.

That night Graham’s son Jimmy (Roddy McDowall) comes home from school for the summer. He tells Molly his father hates him and says his mother died when he was young and was almost a saint. He’s a nice kid and likes Molly. A telegram arrives from Peabody that Graham wants a dinner for eight to be prepared. One guest is an influential publisher.

Molly calls around to agencies but can’t  find a replacement staff. She turns to her actor friends and they come through. When Peabody gets back he’s shocked to see them and keeps quiet to Graham about it. The dinner is almost a bust. Of course it turns out smashing.

Later that night Graham comes down to congratulate everyone but hears them making fun of him. One of those involved is Jimmy. He gives the staff notice. Molly tells him they quit anyway. The next day things are looking up. Graham and Jimmy settle their differences and the staff stays on.

Now there’s a visitor and the group is going to need their acting talents.

This is light,feel good fun that never gets sappy and has a number of laughs throughout.  Gracie sings a few songs along the way.




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