Look-out-Sister (1949)

look out sister 1949

Super thin storyline but who cares. It’s all about the music from one of my favorite entertainers, Louis Jordan.

Louis is forced to stay at a sanatorium for a rest because of playing too many gigs. Agent Mack Morgan calls Louis’ manager and says he had him booked for more dates and he better not play any benefits or he’ll sue.

A young boy on crutches named Billy tells Louis he wants to learn to be a cowboy. Louis tells nurse Betty that he wishes there was a place where kids could get well and be in the sunshine. Louis takes his medication and dreams of such a place.

Louis is Two Gun Jordan and His Jivin’ Cowhands. They play at the H & H Ranch in Lookout,Arizona. The initials stand for Health & Happiness. Neighbor Mack Morgan tells H & H owners Bob and Betty that the place is too big for them and he’ll buy it. He holds the mortgage and says unless they have the money by the end of the week he’ll foreclose. They’re expecting a rich patron who stays there every year.

Morgan has one of his henchman fake a wire to the patron that an epidemic has broken out at the ranch. It works. There’s an article in the paper that says he’s now taking a holiday at the sea shore. Morgan shows the article to Bob and Betty and tells them they have one more day to get the money. Louis promises to get all his show friends together for a jamboree. No one knows that Morgan has discovered oil on Bob and Betty’s ranch.

There’s a break as Bob performs some trick riding and even gets Louis on a bucking bronco all backed up by the sound of Louis’ band.

Billy takes Louis to a shooting range with bottles lines up. Billy’s a crack shot but Louis is way off. That’s a good thing because he shoots a bottle that has the oil claim attached to it. Morgan finds out and sets up a plan to have Louis arrested as a horse thief. Billy has been keeping an eye on Morgan and his pals and goes back to the ranch to tip everyone off. There’s a big brawl followed by a long chase of horseback full of ridin’ and shootin.’

It all comes to a feel good ending when Louis wakes up and puts a plan in motion. The music makes it wall to wall fun.



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