Ladies Who Do (1963)

ladies who do 1963

Comedy gem featuring a must see performance from Peggy Mount as a char woman who ends up making a client and herself rich from the stock market.

Mrs. Cragg (Peggy Mount) is cleaning an office when she pulls a cigar out of the waste basket. She takes it to a man she works for named Colonel Whitforth (Robert Morley). Along with the cigar is a piece of paper which is actually part of an inside deal involving the tearing down of some houses on Pitt Street to make way for an office complex.

The Colonel uses the information to make five thousand pounds in the stock market. He gives Mrs.Cragg a check for half. She thinks it’s dishonest and goes to give her check to James Ryder. It was his waste basket where she got the paper and cigar from. Before she can give it to him he tells her about the houses he plans to have pulled down and says you can make money if you go out and get it. That gives the Colonel an idea.

Mrs.Cragg and her friends live on Pitt Street. He gets Mrs.Cragg and three of her friends together in a company called Ladezudu, a play on the phrase ladies who do, a term for char women. He says they can make money by searching waste baskets and bringing the trash to their office and sort through it for stock tips and other profit making potential. The rule is to keep it all legal. That means no searching through desks, file cabinets etc., just anything that’s in the open like waste baskets, desk blotters etc.

They do real well until they agree to sink all their money into an investment that could make a killing. It falls apart and they’re back where they started. Mrs.Cragg finds out that Ryder plans to go ahead with the demolition. She enlists her friends on the block to fight back.

The movie keeps getting better and is one to see if you’re in the mood to laugh. Dr.Who fans should be on the lookout for a character named Sidney Tait. He’s Jon Pertwee who played the part from 1970-74.

British sitcom fans will recognize Peggy Mount as Ada Larkins from “The Larkins” (1958-64).


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