Things Happen At Night (1947)

things happen at night 1947

Haunted house played for laughs in this entertaining comedy….that’s if you like your humor on the silly side. Strange things are happening in the Prescott house. It looks like young Audrey may be possessed by a poltergeist.

Hilda and Wilfred Prescott hear noises at night and one room is loaded with coal. Another room has its pictures turned toward the wall and a burn hole in a bear skin rug. A live coal was found to have been the cause but no fire has been lit there in over a month.

Insurance man Joe Harris (Gordon Harker) comes out to investigate the burn claim. He’s not buying it.  Businessman Vincent Ebury arrives with his son Robert and his sexy secretary Mabel. He’s supposed to make a business deal with Wilfred. He’s also in need of some insurance and Harris is more than happy to oblige.

Also dropping by is Spenser. He’s  a psychic investigat9r. Wilfred and Harris don’t want Ebury afraid so the keep the ghost talk away from him and Wilfred throws Spenser out.. Then at a table Ebury and Harris notice things moving around them.

Spenser is outside and sees the curtains on fire in the attic and runs in to put out the flames. Meanwhile Audrey is having fun being possessed…at least for a little while. Downstairs Spenser has a lot of equipment with him he says can rid the house of the fun loving spirit. Ebury stays in his room to listen to music. Turns out he’s a sleepwalker.

Spenser tells Harris and Wilfred what they have to do that night. Now the silliness begins and keeps going. This is another one of those movies you have to be in the mood for. Not great by any means nor is it one to go out of the way to check out but it does have its appeal.

Gordon Harker played the title character in three Inspector Hornleigh movies that were all excellent and a lot of fun.

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