Behave Yourself! (1951)

behave yourself! 1951

Wacky comedy that gets way out of hand. Archie the dog is the centerpiece as a young married couple gets involved with smugglers and murder. If you’re a movie fan you can have fun playing spot the character actor.

Shortwave Bert (Sheldon Leonard) checks Archie the dog into a baggage claim. Albert Jonas (Elisha Cook,Jr.) picks him up. While making a phone call, Archie gets away and follows Bill Denny (Farley Granger) to a lingerie shop. He’s buying a present for his second wedding anniversary after being reminded over the phone by his wife Kate (Shelly Winters).

In the store Archie knocks over a showcase. The manager (King Donovan) takes the money for the damage. Bill keeps the card.  Archie follows him home with the card in his mouth. Kate thinks he’s her present. Archie gets in the way of amour and Bill checks the classifieds to see if anyone is looking for a lost dog. He finds one .

He makes the call and Pete The Pusher answers while Pinky (Lon Chaney,Jr.) works over Jonas.  Archie was trained to get a briefcase from Max The Umbrella (Marvin Kaplan) and Bert. While Bill is on his way to see Jonas, Gillie The Blade (Hans Conried with a British accent) gets there first and stabs Jonas while he’s on the phone with Pete.

Bill arrives and thinks Gillie is Jonas. Gillie leaves Bill’s business card on Jonas’ body.  Gillie goes to see his boss Fat Freddy and tells him what happened. Freddy thinks the dog is involved and disguises another terrier as Archie and places an ad in the paper.

Bill ends up being questioned by Officer O’Ryan (William Demarest) about the Jonas murder. Gillie called it in to Sgt.O’Neill (Don Beddoe). The wacky meter gets turned on high as well as the decibel level. You won’t want to be far from the volume control.

Two more ads are placed and the bodies pile up as Bill finally thinks he’s rid of Archie. The whole thing gets over the top and becomes unwatchable and Shelly Winters defines shrill.

If you do watch it other character actors ot look for are Frank Sully as a cab driver, Allan Jenkins as a cop, Herb Vigran as a desk Sergeant and Kathleen Freeman as the wife of a pet shop owner.




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