Bottle Boys (1984-85)

bottle boys

British critics consider this one of the worst sitcoms ever. Robin Askwith stars as milkman Dave Deacon. Also in the cast are David Auker as Billy Watson, Oscar James as Joe Phillips, Phil McCall as Jock Collins, Richard Davies as Stan Evans and Patrick Newell as the head of the dairy Mr.Dawson. Eve Ferret plays his secretary Sharon Armstrong.

Askwith did a lot of crazy stuff in the series and always managed to get into some kind of trouble. It’s pure silliness that isn’t as bad as critics and TV executives rated it. Maybe they couldn’t handle anything that’s not politically correct.

September 29,1984 episode – “One Good Turn” – Stan is planning a fund raising concert for an old folks home. Dave says he should get a big name so he can sell tickets. He suggests popular comedian Bernie Winters. Dave says he’s on his route and he’ll set it up. He calls and that’s all it takes. Problem is he was talking to Benny Winters. The posters have already been made up and distributed. It’s a sell out. Dave doesn’t say a word to Stan.

In the local pub Bernie walks in. While he’s having an ale and reading the paper Dave comes in. Then it’s the usual sitcom mix up of not knowing the man that resembles Bernie Winters is the real deal. Dave manages to insult him. Tine for the concert. Dave waits backstage hoping Bernie shows up.

This isn’t a bad episode. Yes, some of the others were beyond lame but overall the show wasn’t the disaster it’s been purported to be.


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