Black Widow (1951)

Christine Norden

Christine Norden

Small Hammer Film that comes off like part of a TV anthology series. All in all it’s not a bad way to spend an hour. A man with amnesia finally discovers his identity. Maybe he should have stayed in the dark.

A man (Robert Ayers) is driving down a country road in Yorkshire when he spots a body in the road. He investigates and ends up being hit on the head and his car stolen. The thief speeds away and ends up being chased by the cops. He runs through a road block and goes over a cliff and the car explodes.

Meanwhile the man makes it to a horse training farm and passes out. The place is owned by a man named Kemp and his daughter Sheila lives there with him. They call in Dr.Wallace. The man has a dream about a house and a woman named Christine but that’s it.

Kemp offers him a job but the man wants to find out who he is. He found a movie stub from Epping in his coat and that’s where he’ll start. Dr.Wallace is upset that he let on his own. Sheila volunteers to go to Epping to find him. She’s armed with a sketch her father made of him.

In Epping he goes to a hotel and registers as Smith. He spots a picture on the wall behind the desk and is told it’s a mansion owned by a Canadian named Mark Sherwin. He goes there and his key fits the front door. Inside the furniture is covered and then he sees a coffin with the Sherwin name on it. Down the stairs…a blonde. It’s Christine (Christine Norden) and it all comes back to him. The man killed in the wreck is in the coffin and everyone thinks it’s Mark.

That night she gives him some sleeping pills. He wakes up in time to look out the window and see the coffin being taken out and Christine following in another car. Mark follows and sees his funeral. Next to Christine is his best friend Paul. A light bulb goes off.

Before all this Mark had Christine send a telegram to the Kemps telling them he’s okay. He doesn’t know Sheila is on her way.  At the hotel Shelia finally gets there. Mark’s long time housekeeper recognizes the sketch. She says she and the staff have all been dismissed because of Mark’s death in an accident. She smells a rat. Mark’s no fool either.

It’s all obvious but still worth spending time with.



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