Broadway Jungle (1955)

Written,Produced and Directed by Phil Tucker

Written,Produced and Directed by Phil Tucker

Thanks to Norman Wright as a wanna be movie director this could have been so bad it’s good but it sags so much in the middle it totally collapses. Even though the budget was forty-nine cents there was potential. Too bad.

Fletcher Mathering (Norman Wright) fancies himself a director. He’s never directed anything. He manages to get backing money from Georgie Boy Gomez. That’s only because he has a thing for faded actress Lena Little (June Gilmore). Fletcher says she’ll be the star and Georgie Boy gives him a check.

A woman walks in and says she’s been an assistant director on over a hundred movies and Fletcher takes her on. Now the casting call. It’s a funny bit where everyone lies about their credits and Fletcher has to explain how they won’t get paid.

Georgie Boy stole the money from The Boss and he wants his boys to take care of Georgie Boy. They refuse so it’s up to Bruno, the mute member of the gang. He’s supposed to kill Georgie Boy and get the check back.

He follows Georgie Boy to Lena’s. She digs the money and wants to get into something more comfortable. As Georgie gets what he wants Bruno waits patiently outside. Now it all falls apart as there’s a looooong scene with Bruno chasing after Georgie and pumping three bullets in him. A passer by helps him to a police car and he’s taken to the hospital.  Bruno goes back to The Boss who isn’t happy, orders his henchman to take Bruno for a ride in the country. He’ll do the job himself.

Time now for another scene that goes on forever. You may even find yourself nodding off. The Boss trails Georgie Boy to the studio. He waits outside an upper window as the rehearsal gets underway. This scene had potential but, once again, it goes on way too long. The Boss ain’t no fool. He’s got a silencer and kills Georgie Boy and no one hears the shot.

The cops are called and Fletcher and Lena head for a cafe. Of course Fletcher’s broke and asks Lena to pay the check. She has to go back to the studio to get her purse. Here we go again with another excruciating scene.

The ending shows everyone wants to be a director. This has moments where you realize it could have been a good satire on the movie business. The best thing to do is watch the scenes with Norman Wright and skip over everything else.

Norman Wright did several movies and seven episodes of “Hawaii Five-O” between 1974-78 playing different parts.

This was June Gilmore’s first and last movie, It’s easy to see why.



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