Here Come The Huggetts (1948)

here come the huggetts 1948

Extremely dull attempt at comedy. Not only aren’t the laughs few and far between they aren’t here at all. This is the second of three movies about the Huggett family. It’s so light you can see it rise up in the air.  There are two points of interest. It’s a chance to see a seventeen year old Diana Dors just starting to get into her sex symbol mode which would explode later and a chance to see sixteen year old Petula Clark before she became a pop superstar.

It starts with a long segment about the family getting their first telephone. Then Ethel Huggett gets a letter from her distant cousin Edie asking her to allow her daughter Di stay with them while she’s in the hospital.  When Di shows up she’s a lot more developed than anyone thought. Joe Huggett isn’t too thrilled that she sleeps most of the day and goes out most of the night.

Di panics when she gets a letter from the Labour Rxchange that they’re going to direct her to a job. She convinces Joe to get her a position at the cereal factory where he’s a foreman. She almost costs him his job when she spills nail varnish on a note he left her about ordering some wrappers.

There’s also a thin storyline about Pet (Petula Clark) along with Ethel and her mother wanting to see the 1947 Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lt.Phillip Mountbatten. They camp out near Buckingham palace the night before. The day of the event doesn’t go too well.

Daughter Jane’s fiancee has returned after a year away in the army. She’s torn about getting married since he’s going to South Africa in three weeks. Putting pressure on her not to go through with it is co-worker Harold (David Tomlinson).

Another storyline involves Di doing the town with the owner of a garage where daughter Susan’s boyfriend Peter works. There’s a broken window in Di’s room. When Joe goes to fix it Pet sees the two of them together and takes it the wrong way. She tries to convince Peter to come on to Di to keep her away from Joe.

The movie just lays there and is very sleep inducing. Okay, there’s an exception. Diana Dors dancing to the music of Edmundo Rios. Very tame compared to what’s to come in her career but you can see she has the charisma that would eventually put her on top.


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