The Man With My Face (1951)

the man with my face 1951

A man’s double is a bank robber and takes over his life. Not a bad B movie even if it is almost impossible to believe.

Chick Graham (Barry Nelson) is partners in an accounting firm with his brother-in-law Buster in Puerto Rico. One day he’s waiting for his wife Cora to pick him up after work. She doesn’t show and acts strange when he calls home. When he gets there Cora and Buster are there and so is….himself. It’s really Albert Rand (Barry Nelson), a bank robber. Even Chick’s dog bites him as he throws a punch at Rand.

He walks down the street with a bleeding hand when a cop picks him up. They go back to the house and no matter what he does, Chick can’t prove who he is.  Rand’s partner Meadows is a dog trainer. He’s got a Doberman named King with him. He sets him loose to kill Chick but the cop gets in the way and Chick takes off.

Chick goes into a bar and hears a radio report about a man who stole a million dollars in bonds during a robbery in Miami. The description fits him perfectly. He tries to slide out but an adding machine salesman  named Al Grant recognizes him and they talk business. Chick tells him to come around in the morning and he’ll make a purchase.

In an attempt to prove who he is he calls an old girlfriend named  Mary Davis. Her brother Walter (Jack Warden) answers the phone and isn’t happy to hear from him. Chick left Mary to marry Cora. He finally gets it that the whole thing is a plot between Cora, Rand and Buster.

The next day outside the office Grant is waiting. Buster shows up with Rand who tries to fake it with Grant. Grant’s not buying it and says he knows who he really is. He tells him to meet him at a boat with half the money. They do. Grant doesn’t know it but Meadows and King aren’t far behind. He’ll meet King. So much for Grant.

Back at Mary and Walt’s they spot Meadows and King. Walt distracts the dog and Chick gets away. He tries to leave the island but all exits are blocked. An old girlfriend of Rand’s spots him. It takes a while for her to believe he’s really Chick. She says she’ll testify against Rand. Too bad she meets King.

The movie moves along as everyone meets up. There’s a nice chase scene involving King before it’s all over. It’s an okay time passer but nothing for the must see list.

Barry Nelson is the answer to the trivia question, “Who was the first actor to play James Bond?”  It was in “Casino Royale”, the October 32, 1954 episode of the TV anthology series, “Climax!”

This was King’s only movie.


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