Half A Sinner (1940)

half a sinner 1940

Heather Angel is a prim and proper twenty-five year old school teacher. After a discussion with a forty year old veteran teacher she decides to take a day and break out.

Anne Gladden (Heather Angel) gives herself a make over and hits the town. While sitting on a park bench a gangster named Handsome tries to put the moves on her. When she spots his gun she manages to shove him down and take off in his car. She doesn’t know there’s a body on the floor in back underneath an overcoat.

Handsome and his sidekick Red report to their boss, Slick. He orders Red to get the car. The body is under his coat. As she speeds along she spots a man by the road and stops. He tells her his car is having trouble and he can’t start it. What he doesn’t tell her is that he is Larry Cameron (John “Dusty” King) the owner of the stolen car. He pretends to be a crook.

A stoolie named Snuffy is sitting outside the police station when he tells the cop that he just saw the stolen car speed by. The cop chases it, fires a few shots but loses it on a bad road. Anne pulls into a gas station. That’s when they discover a bullet hole in the gas tank. Larry tells the station owner he needs a cork for the hole.

Into the station comes Mrs.Jefferson Breckenridge (Constance Collier) and her chauffeur Mason. She’s fiesty. Larry changes license plates with her and that leads to the wacky confusion you expect in movies like this. Larry drives up to a country home and tells Anne no one’s there and they’re going to break in. He doesn’t tell her it’s his house.

Nothing really laugh out loud but Constance Collier is worth spending time with. She’s a lot of fun.


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