Day Time On The Radio-Lost Radio Duets From The Doris Day Show 1952-1955

01. It’s Magic (Radio Announcer Version) (0:43)
02. A Wooin’ We Will Go (With Howard Keel) (2:28)
03. The Love Nest (With Gordon MacRae) (1:27)
04. You’re Just In Love (With Van Johnson) (1:31)
05. Ma Says, Pa Says (With Broderick Crawford & Don Wilson) (2:24)
06. Dearie (With Dan Dailley) (1:44)
07. If Life Were All Peaches & Cream (With Tony Martin) (2:41)
08. Red Hot Henry Brown (With Kirk Douglas) (1:16)
09. I Will Marry You (With John Agar) (1:50)
10. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (With Gordon MacRae) (1:45)
11. A Kiss Like This (With Alan Young) (1:20)
12. Merrily Song (With Donald O’Connor) (1:38)
13. Take Me Out To The Ball Game (With Ronald Reagan & Bob Crosby) (0:27)
14. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (With Jack Smith) (1:17)
15. Tea For Two (With Gordon MacRae) (1:49)
16. We’re In Love (With Broderick Crawford) (1:54)
17. My Darling, My Darling (With Frank Loesser) (1:22)
18. Around The Corner (With Marais & Miranda) (2:45)
19. Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie (With George Jessel) (0:52)
20. Little By Little (With Walter O’Keefe) (1:12)
21. Something Sort Of Grandish (With David Wayne) (2:10)
22. You’re My Peaches & Cream (With David Butler) (1:00)
23. Together (With Don Wilson) (1:14)
24. I’ll Be Seeing You (With George Murphey) (2:22)
25. Ma Says, Pa Says (With Marais & Miranda, Gordon MacRae) (4:10)
26. I’m Gonna Mend My Fences (With Howard Keel) (2:16)
27. Cuddle Up A Little Closer Till We Meet Again (With Gordon MacRae) (2:08)
28. Jingle Bells Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (With Jimmy Boyd, Jack Kirkwood & Don Wilson) (1:51)
29. Love To Be With You (Radio Announcer Version) (1:14)
30. Till I Waltz Again With You (2:56)
31. It’s Magic (0:44)
32. Love To Be With You (2:07)

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