Tread Softly Stranger (1958)

tread softly stranger 1958

Good one with Diana Dors slinking her way through the story of two brothers who get involved in a robbery. Of course it all goes wrong. There’s a title song that is beyond horrible but thankfully disappears after a while.

Johnny Mansell (George Baker) owes a bookie some money. He wants it now. Johnny says he’ll get it to him in the morning. He packs a suitcase and gets out of London and returns to his home town, the steel town of Rawborough. He stops into a pub and runs into old pals Paddy Ryan and his father Joe.

He gets a room next to his brother Dave (Terence Morgan). On the roof doing her exercises is Dave’s girl friend Calico (Diana Dors). She’s a hostess in a local club. Sparks fly between Calico and Johnny and he soon realizes that there’s no real relationship between Calico and Dave.

Dave is totally gone on her. He even bought her a watch for three hundred pounds. He’s a clerk at a steel mill and doesn’t make that kind of money. Turns out he embezzled it and the books are due to be inspected in eight days. Johnny convinces Calico to give the watch back. She’s not happy about it. Johnny pawns it. He takes that, adds it to what he has and heads for the track. He’s got a sure thing.

The horse wins and now there’s enough to replace the money with some left over. On the way out of the track Johnny is mugged by some henchmen of the London bookie. They spot cops coming down the stairs and take off. Johnny is knocked out. When he comes to he’s glad to see he still has the money.

Meanwhile Dave is in a panic. Calico hatched a plan to rob the steel mill’s payroll. That way Dave could replace the money.  Because Johnny is delayed getting back Dave decides to go ahead with the plan, Calico gives him a gun. After he leaves Johnny gets back and Calico tells him what’s going on.

Johnny rushes to the mill and catches up with Dave. They’re in the office where the money is kept and the guard, Paddy’s father, comes in and catches them hiding behind a desk. Dave kills him. On their way out they run right into a friend of the guard. He’s staring at them and they hurry out of there. While in the office they helped themselves to six thousand pounds.

Dave is falling apart. He really starts to crumble when he realizes that Calico and Johnny are getting it on. Paddy is making an investigation of his own. He’s sure it was an inside job.

The movie starts slow but picks up steam. It’s well worth seeking out. Speaking of steam, Diana Dors provides a truckload. No wonder she became one of the biggest sex symbols of the era.


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