The Adventures Of Hiram Holiday (1956-57)

the adventures of hiram holiday-dvd

Entertaining one season sitcom starring Wally Cox as a timid and skilled proof reader for a newspaper. The paper sends him on a trip around the world with a reporter to document his travels.

January 9, 1957 episode “Moroccan Hawk Moth” w/Sebastian Cabot: – Hiram (Wally Cox) and reporter Joel Smith (Ainslie Pryor) are in Morocco. Hiram is setting an elaborate trap for a rare moth. He ends up capturing a hawk. Attached to its leg is a ring from The Palace. Joel says that’s the name of a new jewelry store. When he leaves, Hiram gets a visitor.

It Ahmed. He’s a messenger from Caid (Sebastian Cabot) who is at the real palace. Hiram is mistaken for the legendary Desert Hawk. Caid has his doubts when he sees Hiram dressed in a suit and tie along with a hat and an umbrella. Since he has the ring Caid thinks he’s the real deal.  He tells him that an explosive will be placed in the ring. He’s to take it to a fort where the four most important people in the West will be meeting. Hiram says he has to send a message to his servant. Joel gets it and goes to the palace.

Ahmed rushes in with some hot news. The real Desert Hawk has shown up. A tattoo convinces Caid. He tells Hiram he’ll be getting gifts. The first is a wild stallion. Using one of his many skills Hiram tames the horse almost instantly. He sends Joel away to warn the fort. Time for another gift.

This time a rug is brought in and rolled out is the beautiful king’s daughter Yassmin. Hiram thinks his gift is the rug. Meanwhile Joel gets to the fort. The Captain doesn’t believe him. Back at the palace it could be curtains for Hiram.

The episode gets dumber but it’s still fun. One interesting part is it’s a chance to see Sebastian Cabot before he grew his trade mark beard.

Sebastian Cabot as Caid

Sebastian Cabot as Caid



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