Dinosaurus! (1960)

dinosaurus! 1960

Depending on how you look at it, this raises or lowers stupidity to new levels. You’ve got two dinosaurs, the most annoying kid ever, one Neanderthal who tries on a dress and a fat guy named Dumpy.

Bart Thompson (Ward Ramsey) heads a construction crew on a Caribbean island. He and his pal Chuck are setting off underwater explosions while building a new harbor. Driving a bulldozer is Dumpy. Stowing away is Julio (Alan Roberts). His guardian is the sleazy island supervisor Mike Hacker. Here comes a boat. Oh no! It’s Bart’s girlfriend Betty with a container of food. He jumps in an outboard. One of the explosives goes boom! There goes the food. Forget that she was almost blown up. Betty strips down to a bathing suit and dives after it. Bart dives after her.

What’s that?? It looks like a dinosaur grinning at Betty. Bart brings her back to the boat and shore. She’s shook up after seeing all those teeth. Bart decides to use a crane to bring the dinosaurs onto the beach for some sun. They’re frozen solid. He writes out a telegram to the Smithsonian. and tells Hacker to send it. Julio is a big dinosaur fan and even has some models he got from a cereal box.

Always security conscious, Bart leaves a drunk guarding the dinos. Meanwhile Hacker finds the frozen body of a Neanderthal and stashes it in the bushes. He tells his dimwitted henchmen it’s worth a million bucks. They agree to take a thousand for themselves. Hacker burns the telegram. It’s a dark and stormy night. In the Cantina Julio is showing off his dinosaurs when Hacker steps on one to teach him to stay home and out of the way. That almost causes a showdown between Bart and Hacker. Julio runs away.

Back at the beach lightning strikes the dinosaurs. Guess who’s awake? The drunken guard lights a stick of dynamite. There goes the cabin. The dinosaurs take off and so much for the friendly drunk. The Neanderthal is also out and about.  He peeks through a window and there’s a woman in curlers and face cream. They scare each other. Later he manages to chop up a short wave radio with an axe. So much for communicating with the outside world.

Now things get real annoying…real annoying. Julio and the Neanderthal end up riding through the foliage on top of the leaf eating Brontosaurus. The T-Rex sees a meal and chases them. Julio and his pal get away. Later Julio is alone at Betty’s and tries to teach his caveman buddy how to eat pie with a fork. Sounds like a Jeep. Nope. It’s not Betty. It’s Hacker and his two idiots. The Neanderthal throws a pie into Hacker’s face. He doesn’t even say “Nyuk.Nyuk!”

The movie manages to get even worse. It’s not so bad it’s good because the lame attempts at comedy are just awful. Betty sings a lullaby to the Neanderthal and Julio yells at the T-Rex. Put this on the Worst Ever list.


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