Mr.Peepers (1952-55)

mr peepers-wally cox

Wally Cox stars as a shy high school science teacher. The show was a success and was a high point in his career.

Opening episode July 3,1952: “Mr.Peepers Gets A Job” – Robinson Peepers arrives at Jefferson High School as a new wing is being built. After a few mishaps he gets to see his new boss. The man laughs at the name Peepers but he gets payback when he tells him his name is Gabriel Gurney. That gives Peepers a few laughs.

He starts to talk about himself. He’s a graduate of an upstate teacher’s college, twenty-six, unmarried and his father is in the hardware business. Before he can get any further the phone keeps ringing as Gurney has to decide what to have for lunch in the school cafeteria.

Peepers is taken to the classroom of science teacher  Mr.Wadd. Wadd is scared his job is in jeopardy and tells Peepers to have a seat out of the way. After two hours Peepers finally tells him he’s there to help him teach. Wadd doesn’t want to hear it. Later he tells Gurney Peepers isn’t needed. Meanwhile Peepers is addressing an empty classroom. He writes a few things on the blackboard and never sees Norton, a student. come in. Peepers asks if anyone wants to clean the blackboard. While his back is turned Norton erases it and leaves without Peepers seeing him. He’s really confused when he sees the now empty blackboard.

Wadd has Norton attach a balloon to a tank of compressed air for an experiment. The balloon gets huge and Peepers get the students out in the hall leaving Wadd inside. Gurney comes along and there’s an explosion. Out comes Wadd with his suit torn up. In Gurney’s office Wadd blames the whole thing on Peepers.

Miss Deem, the teacher next door comes in and they go to the cafeteria. She tells him to join her at her table. Wadd gets there first and refuses to leave and Peepers sits by himself. He accidentally gets revenge when he removes Wadd’s wig. An embarrassed Wadd leaves town and a sitcom is born.



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