Assignment K (1968)

assignment k 1968

Dull spy movie about an agent who runs his own operation independent of the British government. He has to answer to an official known as K but he still maintains that his group is secret and refuses to divulge their names.

Philip Scott (Stephen Boyd) was a race car driver until he crashed. Now he’s a toy manufacturer. He’s also a British Intelligence agent. He uses his cover to have microfilm messages passed by attaching them to dolls. One of his agents is a doctor in an Austrian ski resort. While there for a toy convention Philip meets and  romances a Swedish heiress named  Toni Peters (Camilla Sparv). The latest message is passed by the doctor to an agent who took a planned fall while learning to ski. The doctor placed it on a cast on the agent’s arm and then wrapped it up. While skiing in a remote part of the slopes Scott sees the body of the doctor. He gets Toni away before she can see it.

Back in London Toni joins him. Bad move as she’s kidnapped from Philip’s place by a henchman of Mr.Smith (Leo McKern). He wants to know the names of Phillip’s agents. Phillip reports to Harris (Michael Redgrave) at the British Board of Trade. Harris thinks there’s a leak in Philip’s organization. He represents Mr.K. Even he doesn’t know Philip’s agents names. Philip says he’ll quit before giving any of them up.

Philip finally tells Smith he’ll give up an agent named almanac in Munich if he lets Toni go. Unknown to Smith, Philip makes other arrangements. When things go wrong Smith kidnaps Toni again. The movie picks up the action a bit but it’s too late to save it. There are a lot of good spy movies out there and this is one that can be given a pass.


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