The File Of The Golden Goose (1969)

the file of the golden goose 1969

A lost gem that grabs your attention and won’t let go. Yul Brynner is just great as a hard nosed American Treasury agent out to bring down a counterfeit ring based in London. Don’t miss this one.

A gang is counterfeiting American money. They’re not beyond murder. One victim is the girlfriend of U.S. agent Peter Novak (Yul Brynner). An agent named Owens is assigned to the case but ends up being killed by a man wielding an umbrella that contains a sword. Novak is sent to Scotland Yard. He says he wants to work alone. The Yard insists he partner with Arthur Thompson (Edward Woodword).

Novak isn’t happy especially because Thompson has a wife and two kids. He doesn’t have a choice but the two get along so there aren’t any dumb scenes of them arguing. Their job is to infiltrate the gang. The phony money is being stored at a warehouse run by George Leeds. They manage to get into the gang by posing as members of the Scottish group The Golden Goose. They got that nickname after a bullion robbery. All five members of the gang were killed while trying to escape. Novak and Thompson say there were seven members of the gang and pose as the two members who got away.

It’s not long before they’re shown the storage room where the phony bills are kept. Gang member Martin is suspicious and is waiting for Novak in his hotel room with a girl named Debbie. She was the girlfriend of the head of the Golden Goose gang. She doesn’t recognize Novak. Now he has to deal with both of them to maintain his cover.

One person he needs to find is known as The Owl. He searches through several bath house before finally spotting him. He also observes a gang member threatening him because he gambled with phony bills. It’s the same man who killed Owens. Owl doesn’t take him seriously. Owl leaves carrying a briefcase and Novak follows him to an antique shop where he leaves the briefcase.

Novak traces him to the gambling club. Earlier, plates have arrived from America for hundred dollar bills and the Yard has some made up for Novak. He stands next to Owl at the crap table and puts the phony bill down. Owl recognizes it. Novak is told they don’t take American currency and exchanges it for pounds.

Outside he’s waylaid by three thugs and roughly told not to come back. He goes to Owl’s place where a wild party is in progress. He tosses everybody out. He knows Owl set him up at the club. Meanwhile Thompson has replaced Martin and is now living at Leed’s house. The Yard can’t communicate with him. That makes Novak suspicious.

To go further would be too much of a spoiler. This is definitely one to seek out.

TV audiences will recognize Edward Woodward as Robert McCall on the show “The Equalizer” (1985-89).


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