Nearest And Dearest (1968-73)

nearest and dearest

One of the best sitcoms. It stars Hylda Baker and Jimmy Wheeler. They’re Nellie and Eli Pledge, a brother and sister who who ran a pickle factory. Hylda says a lot of malapropisms that add to the humor. Rumor has it that the insults they traded in the show were nothing compared to what happened between the two off stage. They supposedly hated each other. In 1973 when the show ended Hylda starred in “Not On Your Nellie” where she played essentially the same character but with a different name. Wheeler starred in “Spring And Autumn” (1973-76).

Opening episode:August 15,1968 – “It Comes To Us All” – The founder of”Pledge’s Pure Pickles” is about to die. He’s bed ridden and ninety-seven years old. His daughter Nellie has been taking care of him. His son Eli left fifteen years ago and hadn’t been seen since.

Word has been given to the police that Eli should return home. After a girl has had enough of his antics in the car and leaves, a policeman (Ivor Dean) comes by. Eli jumps the gun and admits to not having a driver’s license or insurance. The cop just wanted to tell him about his father and how he should return home.

Back home his father had a tough time recognizing him. Eli and Nellie talk about their childhood and trade insults. Dad finally expires and Eli doesn’t have much decorum at the funeral.

A lawyer comes to the house and before he’s all the way in Eli asks him, “How much?” Each employee is left a certain amount that depends on how many years they worked at the factory. Eli and Nellie aren’t too happy when they see most of them have been there for sixty years.

After that’s dispersed the house is left  to them and the factory. They do get twenty thousand pounds but only if they live in the house and keep the factory going. The money is set aside in a trust fund. There are two keys left to them with a note marked “For my nearest and dearest.” They fit two boxes inside the bottom drawer of a dresser. They’re both in for a surprise.

This is a funny show and should be seen again.


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