Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die (1966)

kiss the girls and make them die 1966

One of my favorite comedies. A great spoof on James Bond and friends. You’ll see traces of “Dr.No” and “Moonraker.” It’s all done without slapstick or any kind of manic, over the top frenzied acting. This is total fun. The title is bad on purpose. Don’t let that keep you from watching this one.

Lord Aldric (Terry-Thomas) is in the Brazilian jungle studying the local Indians. He comes across a tribe where the girls are doing a sexy dance but the men could care less. He makes a note in his diary and is then shot and killed.

CIA agent Kelly (Mike “Mannix” Connors) is in Brazil checking out David Andonian (Raf Vallone). He might as well since he’s sent several assassins trying to bump him off. Kelly disposes of most of them while feeding his penchant for bananas.

In Rio he manages to save a girl from poisonous spiders. All in a day’s work. Andonian is busy collecting girls. One of them is Susan Fleming (Dorothy Provine). He invites her for a trip to the interior on his yacht. Down below is Kelly. He’s all tied up and Andonian shows him a tank of piranhas. Also there is the body of Lord Aldric. It’s a demonstration of what those little fish can do. He just wants Kelly to see what’s going to happen to him.

While Andonian goes out on a boat with some crew members Kelly manages to get untied and take care of a guard. He’ spotted by Susan. Andonian returns and one of his men machine guns Kelly in the water. He explains it away to Susan. They don’t know that Kelly changed clothes with the guard. Now Kelly is sitting under the bow of the yacht eating a banana.

A party is being tosses at the embassy for Lord Aldric. It finally breaks up when they find out he’s no longer among us. A search is on for his diary. Susan steals it. Turns out she’s a British agent. Her car is being followed. Good thing her chauffeur James (Terry-Thomas) has numerous talents that come in handy. They’ll also be needed later. There’s a funny scene between Kelly and Susan as they threaten each other with their spy gadgets.

The main part of the story is that Andonian has a rocket that will send a wave over the United States that will destroy the sexual urge in the entire population thereby destroying the country. The Chinese want it and Andonian is going to make a deal.

The last thirty-five minutes are very funny as Kelly and Susan try to save the world. If you like spy spoofs, don’t miss this one.


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