The Body In Central Park (Murderers Club Of Brooklyn) (1967)

brooklyn murderers club (the body in central park)

Fifth movie in the eight picture German series about FBI agent Jerry Cotton. This is a pretty decent B movie about a gang of blackmailers and murderers.

Jerry (George Nader) is invited to a party by the rich Mr.Dyers. Agent Phil Decker goes along. Dyers received a letter demanding a million dollars. His friends Johnson and Cormick also got similar letters. Upstairs Dyers daughter Jean gets a pair of shoes delivered by Sally Chester. Her father custom made them for Jean.

Downstairs Jerry is suspicious about a waiter. While he confronts him a masked gang with machine guns breaks in. They kidnap Jean. In the getaway car the gang realizes they made a mistake, They grabbed Sally. A phone call comes in from the gang saying they can find Sally in Central Park. Jerry, Phil and the cops go there and search. Jerry finds her on a park bench with the waiter. They’re both dead.

Now they manage to grab Jean despite her being guarded by the FBI. Dyers puts a briefcase with newspapers inside a storage locker. With Jerry and Phil keeping an eye on the locker the gang gets the briefcase from in back of it. Too late for Jerry and Phil. It also costs Jean her life.

Johnson pays up after his son Bernie is threatened. Jerry follows the briefcase through a subway tunnel and kills some of the gang. Eventually Jerry is told to drop the case into a freight train car. After that Jerry drops onto the train and battles it out with a couple gang members. While he’s doing that his car blows up.

The two men are brothers and they’re defended by sleazy lawyer Randolph Warner. Jerry wants to know who paid the high price for the lawyer. He has an ex con go to the lawyer’s office He has a mask on and Warner dials a phone number. The man makes him hang up before it connects. He memorizes the number and gives it to Jerry. Turns out it’s a mission of the Salvation Army. Jerry goes there and is surprised to see Bernie sitting there.

Phil gets kidnapped and also grabbed is Edna Cormick, Mr.Cormick’s daughter. As the movie continues lots more bullets fly and Jerry doesn’t even get his white shirt dirty or even take off his tie. This is a good entry in the series. If you’ve never seen a Jerry Cotton movie this is a good one to start with.



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