Brass Monkey (1948)

brass monkey 1948

A crime movie laced with music and comedy from Terry-Thomas and Carole Landis. It’s all a big plug for the Carroll Levis radio show on the BBC.  The movie also has Herbert Lom. Overall it’s instantly forgettable.

Kay Sheldon (Carole Landis) and her fiancee Max Taylor are on a cruise ship returning to England. Also on board is her old friend, broadcaster Carroll Levis (Himself), Max is bringing back the third of the “see no”  brass monkey that goes back to the eighth century. Max is jealous of the attention Carrol pays to Kay. That leads to some arguments.

Max gives the monkey to Kay as a gift. Max doesn’t know it but Kay gives it to Carroll. Max has his usual trouble going through customs since he’s a known smuggler. While his luggage is being searched Max signals to Peter Herbert (Herbert Lom) pointing to Kay and her suitcase.

The customs inspector is frustrated that he couldn’t find anything on Max. Peter catches up with Max and he tells him that he gave Kay the monkey since she wouldn’t have any trouble getting though customs. Antique dealer A.J.Gilroy has the other two monkeys and a client who will pay sixty thousand pounds for all three. All he has to do now is get it from Carroll.

Carroll’s ditzy secretary Avril Angers (Herself) picks him up at the dock and gets lost. A lot of impatient wanna bes are waiting at his studio to audition. Terry-Thomas does a musical number. Peter barges in after Carroll and Avril finally get there. He can’t get the monkey because Avril put somewhere and since it’s been ten minutes she forgets where she left it.

Gilroy’s client isn’t happy and plays hardball with him. Gilroy goes to Carroll’s studio and says the police may be inquiring about the monkey. That night Max breaks into the office looking for the monkey. Someone kills him. Carroll comes in and picks up the gun. Kay comes in and thinks he did it. So do the cops.

Before it’s all over there’s another murder and a mock broadcast of Carroll’s show. Terry-Thomas is back with another song and a comedy routine. Other guests include popular singer of the day Hutch and Carole Landis does a tune. There’s also a saw player and a girl that plays “Flight Of The Bumble Bee” on the accordion.

This isn’t something to search around for but it is nice to see Herbert Lom and Carole Landis along with Terry-Thomas.

Carroll Levis

Carroll Levis

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