The Rope And The Colt (Cemetery Without Crosses) (1969)

the rope and the colt 1969

Intense spaghetti western about a woman out for revenge for the murder of her husband. She hires a lone gunman with one name. She just happens to be his former girlfriend. You don’t want to be in his way when he puts on his glove. This is one of the best. The title song is sung by Scott Walker.

Ben Caine is followed back to his ranch by the Rogers gang. He’s hanged in front of his wife Maria (Michele Mercier). Thomas and Eli Caine ride in later with money they stole from Rogers in a cattle dispute. Maria wants revenge but the brothers just want to leave for Mexico. They split the money three ways and ride off. Maria goes to a ghost town where her old boyfriend Manuel (Robert Hossein) lives with his gun and roulette wheel. He doesn’t want to get involved but she leaves a bag of money and rides back to her ranch.

Manuel goes into town and heads for the saloon. Some Caines come in and nab one of the Rogers that’s playing cards. When they start to work him over Manuel puts on his glove and pulls his gun. The four Caines are history. The next day he’s arrested for murder. Into the jail come some of Rogers sons. They have a note from their Pa. Release Manuel. Looks like his plan to get an in with the gang worked. He’s hired by Pa Rogers as his foreman.

That night at supper he can’t help but notice daughter Johanna Rogers. Later on he walks out to the corral and knocks out the guard after some friendly palaver. He lets the horses go. When everyone goes after them he kidnaps Johanna and takes her back to his place.

Maria grabs a locket from her. Then Thomas and Eli show up. Manuel doesn’t interfere when they have their way with her. Maria goes to the Rogers ranch and throws down the locket. Pa says he’ll do whatever she wants to get his daughter back. She tells him. He complies.

Now things get real nasty and the tension is raised even more. It comes to a great ending. Fans of the genre shouldn’t miss this one.

Michele Mercier as Maria

Michele Mercier as Maria

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