Janis And Elvis-Janis Martin and Elvis Presley 1956

To mark the anniversary of a unique, and highly-collectible 10″ LP, El Toro Records brings you the iconic “Janis & Elvis”, re-issuing the eight tracks included originally plus a handful of extra bonus tracks from each artist. One of the rarest and most sought-after record releases from the last half-century of Elvis Presley collectibles, the big ten-incher titled Janis and Elvis was issued through Teal Records, the company who had the local license to issue RCA records in South Africa at the time, and the elusive original now commands figures in excess of $5,000. Sadly, while this release was in production we learned that Janis had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and she has since died. She will be a sadly-missed figure on the current rock ‘n’ roll scene, having been an indefatigable and exciting performer throughout her life. R.I.P. Janis.
Track Listings

1. Elvis – I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone
2. Janis – Ooby-Dooby
3. Elvis – Milk Cow Blues Boogy (sic)
4. Janis – Let’s elope Baby
5. Elvis – Baby Let’s Play House
6. Janis – One More Year To Go
7. Elvis – You’re A Heartbreaker
8. Janis – Barefoot Baby
9. Elvis – Mistery Train
10. Elvis – Good Rockin’ Tonight
11. Janis – Will you, Willyum
12. Elvis – Tryin’ to Get to You
13. Elvis – I’ll Never Let You Go, Little Darlin’
14. Janis – Little Bit
15. Elvis – How Do You Think I Feel?
16. Elvis – Anyway You Want Me (That’s How I Will Be)
17. Janis – Drugstore Rock And Roll
18. Elvis – Paralyzed
19. Elvis – I’m Counting On You
20. Janis – My Boy Elvis
21. Elvis – Anyplace Is Paradise
22. Elvis – Playing for Keeps
23. Janis – Little Bit (Alternative Take)
24. Elvis – My Baby’s Gone (I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone – alt
25. Elvis – First In Line
26. Elvis – How’s The World Treating You


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