The Last Warning (1929)

the last warning 1929

Good silent film about a theatre that may be haunted by a murdered actors’ ghost. If you’re not into silents you still may like this one.

Actor John Woodford stars in “The Snare” in a theatre named after him. In one scene he’s being backed towards a mantle. He reaches for a candlestick. He falls down….dead. The police investigate and can’t come up with exactly how he died and who to suspect. Director Richard Quayle (John Boles) may have done it since they were rivals for star Doris Terry (Laora La Plante). The coroner arrives to get the body. It’s gone. The theatre owners, the Bunce Brothers, shut it down.

Five years later new producer Arthur McHugh gathers the original cast and director together along with the crew. Quayle says Doris is in Europe and won’t be doing the show. That’s what he thinks. She walks in. She has second thoughts but agrees to do it all again. McHugh leaves the room so he can listen through the door to Quayle and Doris.

Now strange things start happening. The elderly Barbara thinks the place is haunted by Woodford’s ghost. Things start falling down and even a flight of stairs falls from above just missing everyone. Warning notes have been left on a pile of old scripts not to proceed. Robert Bunce is a buffoon and is trying to make some moves on young cast member Evvy. His older brother Josiah is disgusted with him. He asks him for a telegram. Robert finally takes it from his pocket. It’s addressed to Josiah warning him not to reopen the theatre. It’s signed John Woodford.

Undaunted McHugh calls for  rehearsal to start again. Now Doris thinks she’s seen Woodford’s ghost. Three of the crew come running in saying they saw him on stage. Turns out it was Harvey Carleton who will take over Woodford’s old part. During rehearsal he reaches for the candlestick and drops. He may be a goner. Then his body disappears.

Despite a last warning left on McHugh’s desk the show must go on and Quayle is now taking the part. Some good excitement follows and the action picks up. This is a good one and is worth seeking out.


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